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    Why are we prosecuting Mr Johnson? A short history of lying in politics followed by an explanation for the case and its purpose. Marcus speaks about Brexit Justice at Universities and on international television and radio. Contact us to invite Marcus to speak at your event.

    LBC interview with James O'Brien



    'Well done, keep going. I was a government statistician early in my career and I saw first hand frequent attempts by politicians to bend official figures. When countries distort their official figures they are on the first step to dictatorship.'


    -Michael Stock


    'This is one of the most important cases ever brought before the courts, and the outcome will have profound implications, either very good or very bad, on how politics is conducted in the future. If you win the British people will owe you a huge debt of gratitude. Thank you for all your hard work and efforts, and good luck!'


    -Colin Brooks

    Peterhouse College Cambridge

    'Marcus' talk on Brexit Justice was engaging and enlightening. It was refreshing to host a speaker whose political aims were tethered firmly to contemporary discourse and whose relevance has only increased as time has gone by. Marcus managed to articulate the gravity of his case and the potential precedent it might set clearly and succinctly, and left a vivid impression on much of the student body, many of whom have been following his case ever since. At a time when questions concerning Britain's position within Europe were becoming more pressing, exposure to Marcus' bipartisan commentary was rewarding. Furthermore, the potential for his case to produce substantive political change both excited and intellectually stimulated the audience; students and scholars alike'


    Will Kaye - University of Cambridge. Peterhouse Politics Society. Vice-President, 2017-18.



    'If our elected leaders knowingly lie to us, then democracy dies'. Marcus iterated this point throughout the talk he gave at the Peterhouse Politics society. It was apparent that Marcus was willing to sacrifice his time, energy and resources to make sure this would never happen again. We wish Marcus well with the prosecution, and that it sets a lasting precedent for political integrity.'


    Jonny Cottrell-Mason & Khaled Malachi- Cambridge University students

    University of Valencia Law School

    'Marcus J Ball came to the University of Valencia to give us a talk about the lies that politicians said about Europe to get the population of the UK vote in favour of Brexit. I think it is necessary for people to be aware of the truth about the UK. It was really interesting and I admire his work because his goal is to prosecute and bring to trial all the politicians who lied during the process. It was also a very enjoyable and entertaining conference, with a well-structured script and it was perfectly understood. We need more people like him,I mean, people who dare to face politicians and dismantle all their lies.'


    Alba-Valencia University Law School student.



    'As I told you, I really enjoyed your talk. I found it very interesting and easy to follow, which I didn't expect. It made me able to understand a little bit what's happening in England and how things were made (badly). Thanks to the talk I also realised the importance of voting for political parties we believe in, because we think that they will accomplish the things they promise, and that it is our responsibility to protest if they don't do that.'


    Alba-Valencia University Law School student



    'Marcus made use of humour to make the talk more entertaining and I really liked the large number of examples used to explain the problem of lying in politics. I found It a very interesting point of view to know the situation of Brexit. When politicians lies democracy dies!'


    Pablo-Valencia University Law School student

    City University Law Society

    Marcus gave a very impassioned, insightful and thought-provoking talk to our members about why politicians must be truthful to the people. Those that altered the truth during the EU referendum must be held accountable, and it is promising to see this process and what drove him to embark on this mission!


    Rajas R. Chitnis- President 18/19 City University Law Society

    Interview with Sean Moncrieff on Newstalk Radio Ireland

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