• Mission:


    1. Crowdfund private prosecutions against dishonest UK political leaders in wake of Brexit.


    2. Set a legal precedent in the UK common law that prevents political leaders from lying to the public in future.


    3. Impact the law in Canada, Australia, New Zealand and elsewhere through international common law case precedent

  • About:

    Dear reader,


    I believe that when politicians lie democracy dies and Brexit has just highlighted how damaging this problem can be. Throughout human history how many wars, atrocities and catastrophes have been caused by the lies of our political leaders?


    I want to make this a thing of the past in the UK. So, with the help of some good people I've raised significant funding and hired some top lawyers. Together we're running a private criminal investigation. If our lawyers can build a strong case then I will need to raise £2,000,000 so that we can afford to take it to court. Let's bring honesty to UK politics.

    Wish us luck,


    Marcus J Ball

    Founder of #BrexitJustice


    Website: https://www.marcusjball.com/

    Twitter: https://twitter.com/marcusjball

    BrexitJustice Crowdfunder: http://www.crowdfunder.co.uk/brexitjustice

  • Progress

    1. Make a plan

    I knew we were going to need a lot of money, brilliant lawyers, press coverage and the support of thousands of people to get us started. We began with none of that, now we have all of it.

    2. Start to crowdfund

    The beginning was hard because we were working with a budget of near £0.00, we didn't have any press and we started with nothing but a video and some hastily drawn up designs. However, slowly over time we managed to make progress and we improved our page based upon user feedback.​ (Link to the page)

    3. Recruit some volunteers to back me up

    I needed help so I recruited some wonderful volunteers who gave their time in support at £0 cost. Chloe, Ed, Brendan and everyone else, thank you!

    4. Get the press on it

    I knew that this would never work unless we got some big national press. Luckily I had some experience in this area and the volunteers helped enormously. We were covered by The Independent, The Metro, London Live, The Express, Business Insider, The Week, Newsweek, Russia Today, The EDP and others. This took our funding through the roof. As planned.

    5. Raise £100,000

    Thanks to Facebook posting and successfully grabbing the attention of the press we managed to exceed our £100,000 target and receive over £145,000 of pledges. This was more than enough to launch our endeavour.

    6. Choose the lawyers, carefully

    They had to have top private prosecution skills and experience, a track record of success and trustworthy written agreements. With EMM I got just that and much more. You can see the partners at EMM and their team here: http://www.emmlegal.com/meet-the-lawyers/

    7. Publish my finances

    I have been trusted with a lot of money. I want the people who backed me to see what I'm spending the money on. So, I'm going to publish finance reports when I can.


    Public Finance Report 1&2: DOWNLOAD PDF 

    Public Finance Report 3: DOWNLOAD PDF


    (As you will see, I am not using the main fund for my own expenses/salary)

    8. Raise a salary for Marcus

    After about 3 months of working unpaid I have simply run out of money. I don't have enough to keep going and I need help. So, I decided I had no choice but to ask my backers to fund me. After 24 hours I'd raised over £10,000. I am incredibly fortunate to have such brilliant backers. I will work hard to make sure I am worthy of them. I'm glad to see that they understand the risks, but are willing to back me because we have to try this. http://www.crowdfunder.co.uk/salaryformarcus/?


    9. Investigate and sign up QCs

    Now is the time we investigate both leave and remain camps in order to build our case. Who are we prosecuting? Under what terms? What is our case strategy? Which QCs will we call upon to advise and represent us? This stage will take a considerable amount of time. It needs to be done properly.

    10. Wait for legal opinion from Barrister team

    Marcus had the idea for Brexit Justice, created a strategy and ran an MVP viability test. He then recruited a team of volunteers, launched two crowdfunds and raised £175,000+ of pledges. He's secured some of the best lawyers in the country, press coverage from 20 papers in the UK, EU and US. He's also got a film production team, tech team and more ready to go...everything now depends on the legal team. Here is a letter which covers what they are working on.

    11. Research and build case

    Marcus and the legal team are researching and building the case.

    12. Raise £2,000,000

    If the investigations carried out result in a strong case worthy of bringing to court then I will need to raise a lot more money. We will need a minimum of £2,000,000 to fund a lengthy legal battle and associated costs. This will be a challenge, but it is possible. Can we do it? Let's see.

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