What's going on?

    Brexit Justice is a private prosecution case against Mr Boris Johnson for the alleged criminal offence of misconduct in public office. We are motivated by a desire to challenge the national problem of lying in UK politics. Brexit Justice is a not for profit ltd. company with a social aim.


    The accusation is that Mr Johnson abused the public trust by lying about the UK’s spending on EU membership during the Brexit referendum.


    Our case has been carefully built over more than two and a half years of work. Mr Johnson is innocent unless proven guilty within a court of law. You can find out more about our case and what it is we're doing via our crowdfund page.

    What is the allegation?

    Our investigation alleges that the leave side’s seemingly most effective campaign claim was knowingly false. We do not ‘send’, ‘spend’ or ‘pay’ £350 million a week on European Union membership. Elected representatives should not be able to lie to or mislead the electorate concerning public spending figures.


    After more than two and a half years of careful case building research our team believes that a criminal case against Boris Johnson MP can be brought. It is a case built upon misconduct in public office, a criminal offence contrary to common law.

    What do previous cases say?

    The case of R v Speechley (2004) concerned an elected councillor who was leader of Lincolnshire County Council. He was found guilty of misconduct in public office based upon his dishonesty concerning ownership of land that he believed would have benefited from the re-alignment of a road in the area. He was found to be guilty and given an 18 month prison sentence.


    The case of Wallis (2012) concerned an off-duty police officer who had made dishonest statements within an email connected to the ‘Plebgate’ affair. He was found to be guilty and given a 1 year sentence.


    In R v Cosford (2013) two prison officers were imprisoned for deliberately and dishonestly covering up their knowledge of a colleague’s sexual relationship with an inmate.


    A case such as ours has not been attempted before, but these cases may be helpful to backers who wish to understand what has happened before and what is possible under this offence. If you want to help us then fund us via our crowdfunding page.

    Spending reports.

    We have been called the most transparent Brexit related crowdfunder by one of our backers recently. I (Marcus) believe this is because we publish very detailed spending reports for our backers to see where our money is being sent. We also report progress to our backers via emails, videos and the press regularly. Here is our most recent spending report for backers and the public to review. Download PDF.

    Brexit Justice Ltd.